Saturday, 1 April 2017

Guilty silence of the political parties for the terrorist attack to the offices of Golden Dawn

This morning, drug addict anarchist terrorist traitors to Hellas, petrol bombed a Golden Dawn office in Athens. These Hellenic government proxy puppet urban terrorists, think that this is somehow going to stop Golden Dawn. Maybe it's the drugs affecting their heads too much...

This morning an anarchist group committed a terrorist attack against the central office of the Golden Dawn. None of the parties of the so-called "democratic arc" condemned this criminal act. From the one side, because the government is clearly a Marxist one, and from the other side, because the liberal political parties are full of cowardice. A cowardice which led Greece to be the last Soviet nation of Europe, and to be dominated ideologically and politically by the Bolshevik fossils.
The anarchist terror will not stop the Nationalist River that comes, just like it was not stopped by jails and murders.

Nicholas G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People's Association - Golden Dawn

It's funny how the treasonous Hellenic government can come out and condemn terrorism against the Turks, and even offer their no stop condolences to a hostile nation in Turkey.  But when it comes to terrorism against a Hellenic political party, we don't hear anything. It's quite obvious that the pseudo democratic puppet Hellenic government, quietly encourages these anarchist terrorist groups. I guess, they don't like a Hellenic party that won't sell out Hellas, won't let the Hellene population be ethnically replaced and it's own land taken over by waves of foreigners, and let Hellas become slaves to international bankers. 

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