Sunday, 19 March 2017

The Abandonment of the Greek Working Class by the Communists

 An interesting phenomenon of the far left has been their complete abandonment of the working class, in favour of their new clients from the 3rd world. While the Communist movement of Greece embraced Albanians, Moslems and Slavs during the 20th century against Greek patriots, this latest propaganda drives is yet another view into their plans for the future of Greece.  It becomes awfully suspicious when a movement primarily concerned with the economic welfare of working class people is entirely staffed by bourgeois academics, most of whom have never laboured a day in their lives.  Now we enter the next phase of Communism, as these Greek academics and university students race to organise and concentrate their efforts among the dregs of the 3rd world. A flier for the KKE (Greek Communist party) has been found, this time, entirely in Arabic. It’s obvious to all that the KKE’s ‘workers of the world’ globalist message has fallen upon deaf ears among the Greek workers, who are now being stood aside in favour of Muslims.

While Golden Dawn remains steady in 3rd place at the polls, the Greek working class has largely fallen out of favour with the KKE, and more and more workers find their needs addressed by the uncompromising Nationalist movement. The same can be seen all over the Western World, from the Trump Movement, to the Austria’s Hoffer voters, to proud patriots who voted for Brexit. The left’s contradictory cries for better working rights are simply not compatible with an internationalist ideology that at the same times demands open borders and the flooding of our homogenous communities with hostile invaders of the Middle East and Africa. The workers understand that an increase in living wages can only be achieved through protection, the rebuilding of our primary production and manufacturing, as well as strong measures to keep the labour market in check from mass immigration.

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