Wednesday, 22 February 2017

State Approved 'Rebels' - The Street Enforces of the Multicultural Dictatorship

The mainstream media in Greece is silent once again following another attack by the System’s lap dogs, this time involving a young patriot in the Oreocastro area of Thessaloniki.
As the orchestrated 3rd world invasion of Greece continues as per the demands of our treacherous politicians, local Greek residents have risen against the State to protest their right to a Greece that belongs to Greeks. Criminal Arabian men in their 20s and 30s, masquerading as ‘poor refugees’ (many of whom aren’t even from Syria) have been dumped by the government in residential areas across Greece, including schools.
This week, a young patriot was beaten up by 6 State Approved ‘Rebels’, his crime? Demonstrating his constitutional right to protest against the system’s anti-Hellenic policies. Pelted by anarchists on the ground who beat the man repeatedly with sticks outside a refugee zone, all under the watchful eye of the police.

The authorities not only neglected to intervene while the young patriot was beaten, but they also transferred him to the police station, requesting he organise legal assistance as he was to be accused of breaking the ‘anti-racist law’, which was approved by the previous Samaras regime. To date, none of the anarchists have been captured or charged. How is that for justice?

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