Sunday, 19 March 2017

Erdogan calls for the Demographic replacement of Europeans

It is has been known by Nationalists for decades that Zionists, in collaboration with the Wahhabists and other Islamist allies that there is an open plan to demographically replace the indigenous people of Europe with those of Africa and the Middle East.

We can look to the Kalergi plan, as well as open confessions from leading Jewish activities like Barbara Spectre and Gregor Gysi, in addition to the millions of ‘refugees’ which are being welcomed by Angela Merkel on behalf of the EU over the last few years. This is why Golden Dawn maintains that one of the most important pressing issues is the demographic crisis that is plaguing Greece, and must be reversed immediately before we come minorities in our own country.

Edrogan, who understands the importance of demographics (which is why he is flooding Europe with his ‘Syrian refugees’) is upping the pressure, calling upon his fellow Turks and other Muslims to start producing families of not 3 children, but 5.

Speaking in the central city of Eskişehir, Turkey’s president urged “his brothers and sisters in Europe” to begin a baby boom in their new countries. “Have not just three but five children,” he told his flag-waving audience’
The Turks tried desperately to take all over Europe many years ago, what makes your average liberal think these Neo-Ottoman oligarchs don’t have the same inspirations? They are openly calling upon their ilk to stake a claim in Europe, to declare it theirs:

“The place in which you are living and working is now your homeland and new motherland. Stake a claim to it. Open more businesses, enroll your children in better schools, make your family live in better neighborhoods, drive the best cars, live in the most beautiful houses.”
The difference with this take over is that unlike the Battle at the Gates of Vienna, not a single bullet needs to be fired. The demographic replacement is being promoted by the European Social-Democrats, who literally welcome the Muslim invaders & interlopers with open  arms.

The Abandonment of the Greek Working Class by the Communists

 An interesting phenomenon of the far left has been their complete abandonment of the working class, in favour of their new clients from the 3rd world. While the Communist movement of Greece embraced Albanians, Moslems and Slavs during the 20th century against Greek patriots, this latest propaganda drives is yet another view into their plans for the future of Greece.  It becomes awfully suspicious when a movement primarily concerned with the economic welfare of working class people is entirely staffed by bourgeois academics, most of whom have never laboured a day in their lives.  Now we enter the next phase of Communism, as these Greek academics and university students race to organise and concentrate their efforts among the dregs of the 3rd world. A flier for the KKE (Greek Communist party) has been found, this time, entirely in Arabic. It’s obvious to all that the KKE’s ‘workers of the world’ globalist message has fallen upon deaf ears among the Greek workers, who are now being stood aside in favour of Muslims.

While Golden Dawn remains steady in 3rd place at the polls, the Greek working class has largely fallen out of favour with the KKE, and more and more workers find their needs addressed by the uncompromising Nationalist movement. The same can be seen all over the Western World, from the Trump Movement, to the Austria’s Hoffer voters, to proud patriots who voted for Brexit. The left’s contradictory cries for better working rights are simply not compatible with an internationalist ideology that at the same times demands open borders and the flooding of our homogenous communities with hostile invaders of the Middle East and Africa. The workers understand that an increase in living wages can only be achieved through protection, the rebuilding of our primary production and manufacturing, as well as strong measures to keep the labour market in check from mass immigration.

Friday, 10 March 2017

Messinia: Greeks systemically disregarded to make way for Illegal Immigrants

Champagne Socialists & ‘humanitarians’ dine on the back of what remains of the Greek working class of Messinia, as Hellenes take a back seat and end up on the streets while illegal invaders from the 3rd world are given free hospitality at the expense of the Greek workers.

Specifically, a mother and her 2 children (with no father) from Messinia are forced onto the streets as the burdening taxes & bills are thrown at our most vulnerable to help pay for the Governments dirty debts.

Meanwhile, ‘humanitarian’ outrage forces the Government and local council to make provision for 87 illegal invaders who were found on a boat off the coast of Pylos. The invaders where relocated to a Hotspot in Agia Marina, which was converted from a former Greek infantry camp.

Of the 87, 4 were found to have highly contagious diseases while being out in Sea, while others were found to have fake papers to help facilitate their infiltration of Europe. In particular, a 29 year old had the fake papers because it was discovered he had been in Greece previously, and charged with robbery in 2013 by a court in Thrace.

All 87 were provided with shelter, food, medical treatment and clothing, yet why is this struggling Greek family forced onto the streets? Fortunately, locals from the area came to assist the family, picking up from where the treacherous government left off.

As Greeks continue to fall out of favour with the establishment in place of invaders, more and more people look outside the Establishment parties to end the misery which plagued Greek society for decades.

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Mongols Provocateurs claim ‘Cyprus is home of the Turks’

The Greeks have continuously inhabited Cyprus since the Bronze Age, a historical Island homeland of our people stretching back over 3,500 years. We are the indigenous ethnos of the Island, and founded ancient civilisations across Cyprus while nomadic Turko-Mongols hordes roamed the Steppes of Central Asia without even a written language of their own.
These same Turks now claim Cyprus to be their own, as they escalate tensions across the Mediterranean in order to directly threaten Greece. Devle Bahceli of the Turkish Nationalist Movement Party states “The Greek Cypriots must understand that Cyprus is Turkish, is home of the Turks."
Bahceli went further, and made the following statement:
If they (Greeks) want to fall into the sea again, if they want to be hunted down, they are welcome, the Turkish army is ready. Someone must explain to the Greek Government what happened in 1921 and 1922. If there is no one to explain it to them, we can come like a bullet in the Aegean and teach them history all over again."
The above is an important statement, as we need to revisit 1921 and 1922. After WW1, the Greek army pursued Greek inhabited regions in Asia Minor, in order to free them from the Ottoman Turks. In response, Kemal Ataturk organised an alliance with the Bolsheviks of the newly emerged Soviet State, and the Soviets supplied gold and armaments to the Turks. This ‘Communist’ funding came from a rather ironic source, that of Jewish-American New York financer, Jacob Schiff.
The struggle to take back our ancient homelands (all of which were still occupied by Greeks in the 1920s) was put to an end when the Western Powers ceased all support for the Greek Army in order to maintain relations with the Turks, to contain the threat of Communism. This betrayal abandoned the Greek effort, while the newly Soviet supplied Turkish army retook the Greek territories in 1922.
Much has changed since the 1920s, and Bahceli must understand that the Bolsheviks of the Soviet Union are no more, and that today, Russia does not take bribes from New York oligarchs.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

In memory of Mikis Mantakas

Today, Golden Dawn paid respect to fallen hero, Mikis Mantakas. 
Mikis was a Greek student who studied abroad in Italy, who also helped the struggle of fellow Italian Nationalists in their defence against militant communist militias which terrorised the country in the mid 70s. 
Mikis attended a trial against a communist who firebombed the home of an Italian Nationalist who had his 2 children burned alive with the attack. The trial was set up by criminal leftists, who attempted to shut down the proceedings. Brawls erupted outside the court room between Nationalists and Communists, and Mikis was cowardly shot dead by his attacker, who shot the unarmed patriot in the head.
Nationalists in Greece and Italy continue to pay tribute to Mikis every year since February 1975.

Another Laughable attempt to falsely link Golden Dawn to attacks on migrants

Another laughable accusation has been attempted in order to smear the Golden Dawn, showing once again the pure desperation of the deep state and their futile attempts to shut down the Nationalist movement.
When the Samaras regime lost the confidence to challenge Golden Dawn in the polls, they resorted to an orchestrated, unconstitutional, political witch hunt which saw the Nationalists thrown in gaol almost over night. The narrative here was to ensure Golden Dawn had a legal responsibility on all violence caused by the multicultural experiment imposed by the oligarchs & globalists. In other words, Golden Dawn was to have some sort of imaginary monopoly on all racial violence in Greece, and was to be held accountable as such.
These desperate ‘guilty by association’ attempts included the linking of a fatal road rage incident between 2 Greeks and a Pakistani in January 2013, as well as the shooting of 28 migrant workers by a disgruntled strawberry farmer in April 2013. None of the accused where Golden Dawn members, and where not proven to be so by the courts yet, the State tried tirelessly to pin the attacks on Golden Dawn well after the political crackdown, despite having no relation to the attacks. Some other accusations against Golden Dawn proved to be inter-ethnic conflicts between opposing migrant groups, again smashing the absurdity that Golden Dawn is responsible for all racially motivated attacks across Greece.
The latest revelations are even far more laughable, as the courts tried again to pin ludicrous claims in a failed attempt to further tarnish the party this week.
In these 2 latest instances, a man had ventured into a local neighbourhood which had been transformed into a den of prostitution and drug trafficking thanks to the latest influx of African migrants. Frustrated with the loud music, swearing, and breaking of glass bottles on the street at all hours of the night, the man was accompanied by another individual, who then proceeded to smash the glass of an African store, that was supposedly at the centre of this ongoing ruckus.
What separates this from other ‘racially motivated’ attacks falsely attributed to Golden Dawn is the nature of the 2 attackers. The first man is an ethnic Jew, who in a statement claimed to be son of ‘Solomon & Rachel’, and the descendant of a holocaust victim. The other ‘individual’ who accompanied the Jew in the attack was in infact a transsexual by the name ‘Anna’!
One day, we are ‘anti-semitic homophobes’, next we are being accused of recruiting Jews and Transsexuals for attacks on migrants. The desperate state is now unable to maintain its hopeless narrative on Golden Dawn as their lies collapse before the courts.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

State Approved 'Rebels' - The Street Enforces of the Multicultural Dictatorship

The mainstream media in Greece is silent once again following another attack by the System’s lap dogs, this time involving a young patriot in the Oreocastro area of Thessaloniki.
As the orchestrated 3rd world invasion of Greece continues as per the demands of our treacherous politicians, local Greek residents have risen against the State to protest their right to a Greece that belongs to Greeks. Criminal Arabian men in their 20s and 30s, masquerading as ‘poor refugees’ (many of whom aren’t even from Syria) have been dumped by the government in residential areas across Greece, including schools.
This week, a young patriot was beaten up by 6 State Approved ‘Rebels’, his crime? Demonstrating his constitutional right to protest against the system’s anti-Hellenic policies. Pelted by anarchists on the ground who beat the man repeatedly with sticks outside a refugee zone, all under the watchful eye of the police.

The authorities not only neglected to intervene while the young patriot was beaten, but they also transferred him to the police station, requesting he organise legal assistance as he was to be accused of breaking the ‘anti-racist law’, which was approved by the previous Samaras regime. To date, none of the anarchists have been captured or charged. How is that for justice?